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We have a wealth of expertise with compensation and reward programs such as executive, broad-based and sales compensation. We provide an array of services to help clients align compensation and reward systems with business goals and objectives.

  • Strategy Development: We provide data, benchmarking, tools and the expertise to work with you to identify, develop and deliver the most appropriate plans and programs for your business and employees.
    • Executive        • Broad-Based        • Sales
  • Compensation Design: We specialize in base, variable and long term incentive compensation plan designs. We analyze your current reward system(s), develop alternative compensation strategies, evaluate the financial and human resources implications of alternative plans and look at concepts and approaches that best meet your needs.
  • Corporate Transactions: We provide assistance with a variety of corporate transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures or bankruptcies. This includes conducting due diligence, reviewing plans for issues and considerations and making design and/or vendor recommendations.
  • Compensation Planning: We create tools and processes for firms to conduct salary planning, award bonuses and payouts.
  • Process Evaluations and Redesign: We analyze your internal compensation processes, interfaces and relationships and provide you with recommendations for improvement. We can also prepare process documentation and work with your internal staff and vendors to effect any process changes.

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