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Contract sterilization services company with approximately 700 employees

The Situation

Two (2) direct competitors had been combined into one company. The combined entity needed to establish a common pay/rewards framework. One entity was much more structured than the other. One entity paid higher base salaries and lower incentives than the other. There was definitely a “wait and see” attitude regarding which company’s philosophy and structure would be adopted.

The Deliverables

  • Develop a top to bottom review and analysis of both entities’ pay/reward programs from an internal/external perspective.
  • Develop and recommend salary bands to combine the two entities pay structure.
  • Develop and recommend a new method for overall base salary and incentive program based on review.
  • Recommend changes to titling conventions and organization structure in operations segment of the business.
  • Recommend changes to the sales organization and incentive plan.

The Results Achieved

  • Employees appreciated the opportunity to be heard and welcomed the open dialogue and communications regarding changes.
  • Employee morale was increased based on a benchmarking survey conducted pre- and post-changes.
  • Employees felt resulting compensation system was fair so no feelings of “winners” versus “losers”.