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A Chicago-based food and beverage distribution company with 11,000 employees worldwide

The Situation

The company had no compensation structure in place. The company was in an acquisition mode and had no process in place for assimilating the acquisitions into its structure. There were no plan documents in place outlining terms and conditions for pay administration. There had been no comprehensive compensation analysis done in over three (3) years.

The Deliverables

  • Understand the company’s current/future compensation structure design/cost needs and requirements.
  • Develop an approach for their compensation structure.
  • Demonstrate the competitiveness of the current company’s pay practices (base pay and total cash) by business unit, function, and level.
  • Create operating guidelines for compensation administration and processes.

The Results Achieved

  • Job family structure was developed for each major functional area.
  • Geographical differentials were put in place to recognize differing pay practices across the U.S. and Canada.
  • All employees were slotted into structure.
  • Salary administration guidelines were developed to outline the company’s pay policy and administrative requirements.
  • Total project was accomplished in six (6) months.