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Large education retail organization with 900 stores and 9,000 employees nationwide

The Situation

The company had previously designed a new retail compensation program that replaced their current step and grade volume based pay program with a market pay driven system. Their existing program placed employees significantly above market for base pay. Due to the current economic conditions in the retail sector, the company could no longer afford to compensate employees at such an aggressive rate and remain profitable. It was necessary to implement the system in conjunction with their fiscal year which required an aggressive project timeline.

The Deliverables

  • Provide an assessment of the benchmarking work completed by another consulting firm in establishing the current compensation structure to determine the appropriateness of its position matches and methodology.
  • Develop a detailed project plan for the rollout and implementation of the new compensation structure.
  • Provide project plan leadership to ensure the project plan stays on track.
  • Assess current project status, identify key resources, budget, key project milestones and develop an extensive eight (8) month project plan.
  • Develop training and communication for the program changes and rollout for Senior Managers through the employee population.
  • Meet with key stakeholders, corporate and division executives for program buy in.
  • Manage project plan, resources, deliverables, and budget. Manage project team, report project status to executive team, identify and rectify issues. Engage resources and management as deemed necessary.
  • Responsible for program implementation, communicating compensation changes to employees, and managing HRIS changes in accordance with key milestones.

The Results Achieved

  • Project was delivered on time and within budget for all 900 retail stores.
  • Massive change was rolled out with positive employee and management feedback.